Residential Services

Depending on your situation, we can do anything from designing and installing a totally new driveway to sprucing up your existing drive. Asphalt is highly regarded for its flexibility and durability and the look adds value to your home. We also provide pavement solutions for sports courts and walkways.

Once a customer contacts us, we set up a meeting to discuss the property owner’s wants and wishes. During this meeting we like to get a history of the existing driveway/parking lot. This gives us a sense of the age, what might be underneath for a base, and any water flow concerns with the current layout. After these discussions we measure the surface to be included. Driveway bids come with a scale drawing or description of the job. Normally, we attempt to give bids out while at your property. However, due to current pandemic concerns, we are finishing the bid work offsite and e-mailing to limit face-to-face time for everyone’s safety.

Once a bid is accepted, a work order is completed to get a customer on the schedule. You will receive a call one week ahead of the work start date to give a tentative date. The start date is weather dependent!

The first 2 weeks are vital: It is important NOT to drive/walk/set weight on your driveway for the first couple days. Try not to park anything on the driveway for 4 to 5 days 3-5 month care is necessary: Avoid parking on your driveway on extremely hot days Keep any sharp objects off the drive (a classic example is a motorcycle kickstand) Avoid turning the steering wheel when your car is standing still.

The look of your driveway:

Sometimes, placing a driveway requires the use of different tools. In some instances, hand-raking may be necessary and we want you to know that these areas may have a slightly different surface appearance. Rest assured this is normal and will make those areas less likely to become weak and crack. The first time your driveway is seal coated, the slight differences will disappear.


Q: How long will the process take?

A: Each job is different however the typical job takes 1-2 days of prep work and an additional day to pave.

Q: How thick is the blacktop?

A: We pave the standard specification of 3 inches, final product is compacted to 2.5 inches unless thicker pavement is requested at time of bid.  The average overlay has a thickness of 1.5 inches.

Q: How long before I can drive on it?

A: We recommend 5-7 days before driving and 2 weeks prior to parking.  This is especially important during hot weather!

Q: What does the warranty cover?

A: Warranty is for 1 year from the date of completion.  Warranties cover issues within our scope of work.

Q: Can I keep some of the dirt under the existing driveway?

A: You can keep all, none, or any specified amount of material that we dig out. This is up to you and can be discussed at the time of the bid or prior to work beginning.

Q: What if I do the base work?

A: You can do your own base work! This does limit what can be covered in our warranty.  We are happy to discuss this prior to you accepting your bid.

Q: Where do we get our materials from?

A: Our materials are locally produced and purchased.

Q: What is the timeframe of your working season?

A: Our season generally starts around May 15th, once road restrictions come off.  We end our season around the first weekend in November.  Bids can be done outside of these times as long as the ground is visible to be measured.  We cannot provide bids without an accurate visible area to measure.


Q: What does the fabric mat do?

A: The fabric mat keeps the clay and/or other structural materials from pushing into your driveway/parking lot base.

Q: When should I sealcoat my driveway/parking lot?

A: It takes 90 days for blacktop to fully cure in optimal weather conditions.  We recommend waiting until the following year to have this done.

Please call Shaun Frye directly at 218-348-5724 for questions, more details, or schedule your bid today!

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